The Merchants’ Guild had their say at Cabbagecon 4. Now let us show you the bits of Ankh-Morpork that they wouldn’t want you to see…

There is always more to life in the Big Wahoonie than what you see in a guided tour. Forget about the posh monuments and the guild houses: real life goes on in more invisible places. In the darkness of the Shades, behind closed doors, or indeed under the bridge. That is where you find the most colourful characters of the city. Come and meet them at Cabbagecon 6!

Where? Hotel De Rijper Eilanden,
Zuiddijk 2a
1483 MA  De Rijp
Telephone: +31(0) 299675656

Website: www.derijpereilanden.nl

When? 29 and 30 October 2022

About the hotel
Hotel De Rijper Eilanden is situated just outside the village of De Rijp, halfway between Alkmaar and Purmerend in the polders of Noord-Holland. In its three buildings it offers comfortable rooms, each with its own terrace or balcony and – not unimportantly – with free Wifi. Breakfast, lunch and dinner come in the form of a buffet – vegetarian options are always available. Do you have special needs? Let the hotel staff know and they will be happy to help you. All hotel rooms and function rooms are easily accessible for disabled guests. What makes this hotel unusual is its great collection of knick-knacks, which is displayed all around the main areas. This gives the place the air of a particularly easy-going museum with a theatre right in the centre. And all that is combined with the mod cons you may expect from a four-star hotel. The hotel is situated on the local road from Purmerend to Alkmaar. It is easily reached by car or by bus from Amsterdam or Alkmaar.
Room rates:
Double rooms € 88,00 per night including breakfast excluding tourist taxes
Single rooms € 64,00  per night including breakfast excluding tourist taxes
Unfortunately there are no rooms available on Sunday night

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