cabbagecon 5 20 & 21 October 2018 CELEBRATING 35 YEARS OF DISCWORLD A SPECIAL PROGRAM “My existence on the Disc” We all have to cope with living on this boring planet Earth. And in this earthly experience every
single one of us has, or once had, a certain role. It may be anything—from cleaning windows or
shaving monks’ heads to teaching transcendent philosophy to retired policemen.
Now imagine you’re a Discian—how would it be to have the same or a similar role on the Disc,
that much more convincing world? Anywhere on the Disc. What’d your role be in Ankh-Morpork,
in Uberwald, in the fat-bearing Strata of the Schmaltzberg Region, or simply in Lancre?
We invite everyone to fantasize about that imagined existence and then create something from
that fantasy. A short story, a sketch, a painting, a dance, or whatever—to present, read, perform
or show it at the cabbagecon and share it with us all.
Prizes for the saddest, funniest, most creative, convincing, outlandish or touching contribution
may be awarded by the general audience and/or by a highly expert jury.
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Like with magic on the Disc, the law of conservation of reality cannot be avoided: two days is a
very limited time budget, so none of the contributions should take more than say 15 minutes.
» small print 1 In order to assemble a time table, the organization needs to know beforehand what you’ll be pre-
senting; so make sure to inform us about your intended contribution before October 1, 2018.
» small print 2 The language used for your contribution should preferably be English. But if you find your com-
mand of English to be inadequate for this occasion, you may revert to your own vernacular.
» small print 3 SUGGESTIONS AND HINTS The Discworld is a plethora of ideas, characters and settings, but don’t try to cram too much in
your own contribution. It’s generally much better to create something around just one simple,
characteristic situation—just like Terry mostly did.
It would surely be great fun if you dressed up for your imagined role on the Disc, but that’s not
really a must and if you do, there’s no need for it being too elaborate. Still, the more fun the better!
Of course, your performance doesn’t have to be a one-person act. Even better, you might
involve members of the audience as extras.
Whatever you do, be aware that as always there will be many more things going on. Like games,
books, rattling of arms etc. and no-one has to attend everything. Just follow the ancient advice of
Saul of Tarsus: try it all and hold on to what you like.

small print 1 If everybody’d aim at 15 minutes, we might need a week. Of course, we assume most of us will need less, as some will
only sing a very short ditty and others might just show a portrait they’d tried to paint. Occasionally, an exception might be
arranged in consultation with <>.
2. If your contribution requires special arrangements, please let us know (but don’t ask the impossible). If your contribution
is a very large painting or is otherwise not fit to be sent before your actual presentation, please send us (A) a photograph
or film, (B) a recording, (C) a scale model, (D) an exact description with all relevant dimensions, (E) a stuffed specimen of
the same species.
3. If your text is rather long, please add a shorter abstract or introduction. Additionally, if your text is in the vernacular,
please let us have it a month and a half earlier, at the very latest on August 15, 2018. Then our splendid team of profes-
sional translators will provide you with an accurate translation or an abstract in the King’s English. Once finished, we'll mail
this translation back to you, so you can always ask for changes—but please think of the time involved… all contact about contributions etc. through <>